ABC with G’ma T



Imagine being a teenager in the 1950s! Long before G’ma T became a Travis or a grandma, she was engaged in the arts while living in Oakland, California at a time when there were more oak trees and San Jose was just a fruit stand. (The population of the Bay Area was ¼ of what it is now!) Liz initially crafted this ABC book under the “Elizabeth Winton & Co.” imprint. She painted all the whimsical watercolors employing the style of the time period. In addition, she wrote a rhyme for each letter to describe the item that she illustrated. The writing style is reminiscent of yesteryear. While some traditional items are used in this alphabet book, such as “B” for ball and “Z” for zebra, Liz incorporates some relatively overlooked selections such as “L” for lantern and “S” for saxophone. Enjoy the journey down memory lane!

Size: 5″x8″

Length: 60 pages


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